Employees of foreign nationality - Work Permit A

Work permit A gives you permission to exercise any kind of profession in salaried employment with any employer for a period of unlimited duration. The issue of a work permit A is subject to very strict conditions. They may only be granted to certain categories of foreign workers who have already worked for several years in Belgium with a work permit B.

The work permit A is valid and can be used for employment in any Region of the country. Someone who lives in the Flemish Region and who obtained a work permit A from the labour migration service of the Flemish Region, can work in the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels Capital Region.

Your work permit A is issued for an indefinite period. You can use it for all professions exercised in salaried employment. So you can work legally in any job in salaried employment, whether full-time, part-time, seasonal work etc. You can also register with public or private employment agencies - there are no additional formalities necessary.

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