European Blue Card - Definition

The European Blue Card is, within the context of the Belgian regulations, a residence permit which authorises the owner (under certain conditions) to stay more than three months in the Kingdom, and which at the same time gives him the right to work there. Both the right of residence and the right to employment are incorporated in this one document.

This concerns the transposition of European Directive 2009/50 of 25 May 2009 on the conditions of entry and residence of nationals of third countries with a view to achieving a highly qualified jobs.

Double procedure

To be able to acquire this European Blue card a dual procedure must be followed simultaneously:

  1. On the one hand, the foreign national concerned must submit an application
    either to the competent consular services when he is still outside the country,
    or to the Immigration Office of his municipality if he is already residing in Belgium.
  2. On the other hand the employer who wishes to employ the person concerned will at the same time have to request and obtain a provisional employment permit in advance from the Department of Economic Migration which has jurisdiction for the place of employment.