An entertainer as defined in the regulations must be recruited with a standard employment contract, in which the minimum remuneration is stated.

In order to qualify for an employment permit and work permit B, the minimum annual salary of the person concerned must not be lower than the amount of € 32,886 calculated and adjusted in accordance with Article 37 of the RD of 9 June 1999.

The amount of the minimum remuneration is indexed every year. For 2017, this amount was increased to EUR 33,471.00 gross per year. From 2018 this indexed amount will be EUR 34,179.00 gross per year (for 2016: EUR 33,221.00 - for 2015: EUR 33,203.00).

The indexing is done as specified in Article 37:

The remuneration amounts stated in Article 2, first paragraph, 33°, and Article 9, first paragraph, 6°, 7°, and 15°, will be adjusted each year on 1 January to the index of the conventional wages for clerical staff of the third trimester (base 2010=100) in accordance with the following formula: the new amount is equal to the basic amount multiplied by the new index and divided by the start index. The result will be rounded off to the Euro.

The first paragraph shall have the following meanings:

1° index of the conventional wages for clerical staff: the index determined by the Federal Public Service for Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue on the basis of the calculation of the average of the earnings of adult clerical staff in the private sector, as laid down by Collective Labour Agreement;

2° basic amounts: the amounts in force on 1 January 2014;

3° new index: the index of the third trimester with 2010=100 as base of the year preceding the indexation;

4° start index: the index of the third trimester of 2013 with 2010=100 as base.


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