Work Permit B and the employment permit

The following information, conditions and legislation were applicable for applies until December 31st, 2018 and thus is everything unusable from January 1st, 2019!
The new legislation, and the associated new conditions and documents, you can find it here: Naar werknemers buitenlandse nationaliteit (vanaf 2019)



If you are an employer and wish to engage a foreign worker, then as a general principle you must obtain an employment permit in advance. In no case may the employment begin before the employment permit is also effectively granted. The mere submission of a request creates no right to any immediate employment.

As an employer you are exempted from this obligation if your prospective employee belongs to one of the exempt categories, or is in possession of a valid work permit A or work permit C. In these cases you may employ the relevant foreign national immediately and continue to employ him/her as long as the person concerned satisfies the conditions and, where appropriate, has a valid work permit.

In all other cases you must apply for an employment permit in advance and actually obtain it.

In the employment permit, permission is given to the employer to employ a (specific) foreign worker under strict conditions, in a specific job.

When the competent authorities grant an employment permit to an employer then a work permit B will also be officially granted simultaneously to the employee concerned by the same authority.

The work permit B for the employee is always the direct and simultaneous consequence of granting an employment permit to an employer.

The work permit B can therefore never be requested separately or directly by the employee concerned himself.

The employment permit and work permit B are granted for the requested period of employment, with a maximum duration of 12 months. Renewal of the employment permit and work permit is possible. The employer must a apply for a renewal before the expiry of the period of validity.

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