Professional cards - validity

A professional card is issued for a maximum period of five years. Usually, the professional card has a validity of 2 years to allow the self-employed person to develop his or her self-employed activity.

  • a professional card is issued for 1 year to students who want to engage in self-employed activities while studying (a proof of enrolment for a period of one year in the training institution, the higher education institution, or university is asked as evidence); 
  • a professional card is sometimes issued for 3 years for a renewal if the applicant has been successful in starting up a self-employed activity and his/her business is likely to grow;
  • a professional card is only occasionally issued for 4 years, for instance if an application is lodged for a business which is expected to generate a very high economic added value and the issuing body would be prepared to issue a professional card for 5 years but the person concerned only has a mandate for 4 years.
  • a professional card is only issued for 5 years if the expected economic added value for Belgium is very significant, which is demonstrated among other things by considerable investment of capital, very high turnover, additional employment, etc.

After the expiration of the validity period, the professional card may be renewed if regulatory, fiscal and social obligations as well as the economic value criterion for the issuance of the professional card are met. You have to submit the application for renewal at least three months before the date of expiration through the the one-stop-shop for business support chosen.

A professional card shall be issued for one or more specific activities mentioned on the authorisation. As a result, each change in activity or additional activity requires obtaining a new authorisation beforehand. These amendments can also be applied for at the Economic Migration Service through the one-stop-shop for business support chosen.

When you have lost your previous professional card, the application must be accompanied by a report of lost property confirmed by the police.

The validity of the professional card is related to the right to reside. If the right to reside expires, the professional card can no longer be used and must be returned to the one-stop-shop for business support. 


Professional cards

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