Appeal against refusal of an application for a professional card

If your application for a professional card has been refused, you may challenge the refusal decision by appealing to the competent regional minister. You must exercise your right of appeal within a deadline of thirty days starting on the day following the date of notification of the decision. In case of a refused renewal decision, the applicant cannot exercise his or her self-employed activity for the entire duration of the appeal procedure.

The appeal must be lodged in writing to the competent authority. For the Flemish Region, this is the Flemish Minister for Work c/o:

Departement Werk en Sociale Economie
Dienst Economische migratie
Koning Albert II-laan 35 bus 20
1030 Brussel
Tel: 02 553 08 80 Fax: 02 553 44 22

The Minister immediately contacts the Council for Economic Investigation regarding Foreigners (Raad voor Economisch Onderzoek inzake Vreemdelingen) and seeks its advice. This advice must be given within four months. The Council is a body which operates independently of the administration.  It is chaired by a magistrate or a lawyer and is composed of officials representing the different departments involved in the matter. The Council may seek all information it deems useful for examining the file.

The Council may invite the applicant to defend his/her interests during a hearing. The applicant may call in the assistance of a person of choice. If the applicant is unable to attend the hearing, only a lawyer may represent him/her.  If the applicant is unable to respond to the court summons, he/she may seek a postponement of the hearing.

The Council gives its advice simultaneously to the applicant and the Minister. If the Council fails to give advice within the deadline set for this purpose, the Minister shall decide. The Minister shall have two months to take a decison after the date of receipt of the Council’s advice or after expiry of the deadline of four months if no advice was given. In the absence of a decision by the Minister within two months, the Council’s advice shall be considered as the final decision. In the absence of an opinion by the Council or a decision by the Minister within the established term, the appeal shall be rejected.

The decision shall be immediately notified to the applicant. This decision may be appealed against before the Council of State within sixty days following the date on which you were informed of it.


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